Hi, I’m Andrea Veganlicious. Welcome to Simply Veganlicious, where I post and share my favorite vegan recipes, tips, and bits of inspiration.


This started as a fun Instagram account where I’d post a drool-worthy pic of whatever I was whipping up in the kitchen that day. Then people started to ask for recipes. Then people started to BEG for recipes. I wanted to help feed these hungry people, and Simply Veganlicious was born.

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But being vegan isn’t just about food – we can be kinder towards animals in so many areas of our lives. The Out of the Kitchen page will gather tidbits from fashion, beauty, restaurants, and other vegan adventures. You never know what kind of vegan lifestyle fun will pop up next!

For example, every Monday I write a post a for the one and only My Beauty Bunny. I review a vegan and cruelty free cosmetic, beauty, or personal care product. You can find all the Veganlicious Beauty Mondays posts here.


Just so we’re all on the same page: “vegan” describes something (a food or product) with NO animal products. No meat. No poultry. No dairy. No eggs. No fish. No gelatin. I know that seems like a lot of “no’s” but wait until you see the abundance of gorgeous, whole foods you’ll be eating instead. You’ll thank me later. 😉

I encourage EVERYONE to keep moving towards a plant-based diet that works for their lives and schedules. There is a path for you, you just need to create it. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and help you address any nutrition concerns. I’m also a huge fashion junkie (and former plus-size model) and would love to talk cruelty-free fashion with you. The same goes for make-up and personal care products. I have learned so much over these years and am only too happy to pass that knowledge on to you! Please just shoot me an email at andrea@simplyveganlicious.com.


I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life (YES, you read that correctly!) and a vegan on and off since college. I’ve been “vegan for good” for the last 3 years. I am an east coast native with previous careers in both education and as a plus-size model. 

I live happily with my husband and two cats in sunny southern California.

And since people have been asking…the swimsuit I’m wearing in that super fun picture is from www.uniquevintage.com, a store that I just adore. :)


Unless otherwise noted, all recipes here are original material.

All material ©Simply Veganlicious, 2014. Unauthorized use or duplication (including but not limited to text, content, and images) without express written consent from the blog author and webmaster is strictly prohibited. Links and excerpts may be shared if full, clear credit is given to Simply Veganlicious. All third-party posts containing excerpts and links must include a link back to the original content at SimplyVeganlicious.com. Any use of these recipes for business, commercial, or other revenue-generating activities is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the blog author and webmaster.

Other than that, I encourage you to share and spread the vegan love. We’re all here for the same reason so let’s play fair and be nice.

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  1. Salma June 29, 2015 at 3:05 am - Reply

    I went to your blog site yesterday to see if the new week was up, but saw that it hadn’t been a week yet. I was very exctied to see that you already posted a new week today! Don’t get discouraged, and keep it up. I am loving this.

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