Easy Basil Dip

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Easy, creamy, basil dip. We’ll get to that.

Do you ever see those pictures on Instagram of perfectly manicured fruit and veggie plates, with dozens of perfectly plump berries and leaves, on a perfectly rustic backdrop, with perfectly all-natural, mid-day lighting? I know you have. Don’t lie. Also, don’t get me wrong – I love them. They represent the “food ideal,” if you will. But seriously…who eats like that???

Here’s how it works in my house. Last night I came home, exhausted. My husband came home, exhausted. Two hungry humans. Very little patience, very little time. Honestly, we were barely interested in using utensils, but were out of hummus, salsa, and other things you can dip chips into and pass it off as a meal.

Simply Veganlicious to the rescue.

Easy Basil Dip

This dip – 6 ingredients, 2 minutes in the blender – is a bona fide meal substitute for those lazy days. It’s tofu-based, so you get the nutrition of soy. And basil = delicious. Also, you can use it as a dip but also as a pasta sauce, going on whole wheat, quinoa, or rice pasta…whatever you fancy. (Or, if you’re like me, simply whatever you have on hand.)

Prep time: 5 minutes  ~ Makes 1 small bowl (approximately 1.5 cups)

1) In a blender or Nutribullet, combine:
-1  12.3 oz package of shelf-stable silken tofu, any firmness
-2 cups fresh basil leaves, packed
-2 t mustard
-1 t lemon juice
-1/4 t each salt and pepper
-optional: 2 T vegan mayonnaise (the dips is just as good without it, so no sweat if you don’t have any)

Blend. You will need to scrape down the sides and mix it by hand a few times, depending on the size and efficiency of your blender.


Easy Basil Dip

Easy Basil Dip Easy Basil Dip

A note or two:
-Most grocery stores sell big, pre-washed boxes of basil. They are perfect for this recipe.
-As far as vegan mayo goes, we swear by the Follow Your Heart Low-Fat variety (yellow top.)

Happy dipping.

Easy Basil Dip

Easy Basil Dip

Easy Basil Dip

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